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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Changing the Dance

It appears that there are changes ahead for me. Sometimes you get to steer and other times, the steering is done for you. Change has always been a part of my life and I always look at it as a wonderful chance for an adventure. I have decided that it is time to step away from Crow Soup. I can hear the gasp! It does not, however, mean that I am stepping away from the patterns. They will continue and there are plenty of new ones ahead. I've learned from this past week, that viruses and upload issues don't matter. I never could have imagined the response I received by putting my patterns on this blog, in what I had thought was a temporary move. As one special customer wrote me, "how could you not realize how big your response would be!" I hear so often that Primitive pattern makers are becoming fewer and fewer. I still enjoy the dance and I have many designs to share.

The big question... what will you do now? I will listen to all of you. I will put my new pattern releases here for now. I had intended this blog to be a place to write and share and so I am unprepared for a pattern world change. I would like your input here, because without all of you, this would be nothing and my writings better served in a composition book. Tell me what you would like.... to continue the Good Wife as I intended and create a sister blog of new pattern releases and perhaps a sharing of other artists? Or just add new patterns here on a monthly basis. If you are unsure or uneasy about a public comment, just send a private note my way. I'd love to hear from you!


Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Stacey, Your blog is a reflection of you.If that includes pattern making then that would blend well with the writings that come from the heart.This works great for alot of the wonderful artists out there, I can't see why it wouldn't for you!
You won't be changing the dance, just adding a few new steps. Susan

Mockingbird Hill said...

Stacey...there are so many options and whichever you choose, your audience will follow. I kind of like adding sales to this place, as part of the posts...allows everyone to feel connected to you, kinda.

Whatever decision you make, we will all support you and your choice. It's best to follow your heart.


Kat449 said...

I love that you just try so many new adventures.I know whatever you choose to do, you will succeed cuz you do what you love first, you know, "then" the money comes.

I need power drinks to try and keep up w/ you. wherevr you are...I am! hugs, Kat