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Monday, July 16, 2007

Trombone Reading....

Ok, ok, I admit it. I've joined in the ranks of, "The Trombone Readers". You've seen them or are a part of that club. Over 40 and suddenly, you can't read fine print. You hold it closer, pull it back in little intervals to big. Sometimes just going for the "all the way" at arms length. We do it at restaurants and stores. We even borrow glasses in hopes that it's just a momentary thing. Finally we admit it, another coming of age.

What to do? A sign of the times. One either goes for it and goes to the eye Dr. or like me; not wanting to take the time, hoping it's just temporary... we go for "The Cheaters". Off to the Dollar Stores to try on a pair to get us by. My "Cheaters" are a lovely shade of dark turquiose. I was hoping that they would be easily found where ever I set them. Sadly it's not so. What to do? Back to the Dollar Store for a couple more pairs because not only can I not see close up, but apparently I'm going blind altogether and can't find the darned things.

Now I'm resorting to one of those nifty neck chains to keep them on me while I work. I feel like the blue haired lunch lady of my youth. Argh... I began a search, If I was going to have to wear these things on my neck, I was going to do it in a funkier way. After searching several stores I rejoiced in finding a lovely turquoise beaded neck chain. Thoughts of my Arizona trip and and all it's beauty were held in this neck chain. Where did I find it? The Dollar Store of course. Right next to the rack of "Cheaters".


mockingbird hill said...

We must be sisters seperated at birth! I have 2 pair of Cheaters in my car, 1 extra pair in my work briefcase, and 7...yes, count'em..7 pair in my house. They are at my desk, in the kitchen, next to the bed...anywhere that seems reasonable that I might need to see something. All Dollar Store purchases...and my red beaded eyeglass chain was from the rack right next to them. Small world!

Kari said...

Funny stuff. I found your blog through Mockingbird Hill...I, too, am having "issues" with this whole getting older thing. When did this happen??? A few months ago, I bought about 1/2 dozen reading glasses at Target - they had some with bright, happy frames so I bought them thinking that at least they didn't LOOK like an old lady's glasses. My kids despise the zebra striped pair I keep in the computer room, they detest the tiger stripe ones in the kitchen, they tolerate the brown with pink polka-dots pair I keep in the living room...you get the idea. I think they're taking my "fast approaching old age" as bad as I am. lol