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Saturday, July 28, 2007

On Being Sane In Insane Places

I had to read this short story one semester for college., and the title seemed to fit perfectly here. My apologies as I don't remember the author. It basically was about a young woman that had issues and was placed in a Mental Facility. They put her through shock therapy. Her issues were not mental health and she was quite sane, but there wasn't a facility or diagnosis to help her at that time.I feel as she does at times. Someone just assumed and never looked at the facts.

In the Art world as you stick your neck and your heart out, there are people ready to swipe with cat claws. Those that know me well, know I value honesty a great deal and I put it forth. There are those people out there that swipe at all you do and you wonder...am I dreaming this? Friends , family and wonderful customers have validated my art journey. What does one do with malicious attacks? I've never run. never had anything to hide. I've been honest and told those that have come across such people, " never stop doing what YOU love for them". Time puts a stamp on your work and it tells the truth as to what came first and what was copied. Now... I want to make it very clear here, that I LOVE to inspire people, and people have been inspired with different concepts, techniques and design elements. This is not about that. These people usually state that they are so inspired, either publicly or personally and I say.. go for it!. But others are just very mean spirited people.

I've run into this only twice.. and twice is enough. Honesty and truth continue to work so well for me. Pam Gracia, of Soft in the Head put a very mean spirited piece on her blog about me. While a blog is certainly no place to post ones unexplained bitterness, it does allow the truth to come out for all to see. She posted a drawing that I had done for her a few years ago. She wanted to do some bat wings and was having difficulty as was stated in her blog. As a friend, I drew them out for her. I told her that she could use the body, if she wished to make finished pieces at shows. I'm now accused of taking her bat and making it a pattern. The truth shows for anyone wishing to see. If you compare her drawing with my Bob the bat on my website, you will see that the wings are CLEARLY different in size and SHAPE. Bob even has some quilting done inside the wings if you have the pattern to see. She has her wings as she asked.. free of charge. What is the problem? I used my bat body design for one of my patterns?

I purposely did not put up pictures of each, but they are easily found if anyone is curious. I need not feed into such negative energy. My patterns go on Crow Soup every month on the 15th. That is a time stamp. The Internet can very much be honesty's advocate if you let it. It is so here. It has been noticed by many that watch Pam and I that she occasionally seems to put a pattern out that is somewhat similar to one I have already put up.. generally within a few weeks. Is it riding on my coat tails, or that I simply inspire her? I hope that it is inspiration. I very much hope that Pam goes on and continues to make wonderful designs. She certainly is a very talented woman. I would only advise that she keep honesty and truth beside her in her work and her living.. they really are the best partners you can have in life.


mockingbird hill said...

Stacey...this is more common than we would like to know about. I have just (this week) gone through something similar at my real world job and my daughter, who is in a management position dealt with this a couple of weeks ago. It is a mask for insecurity I think, and that is something only the person starting the problem can deal with. Anyone who knows and loves your art will not pay any attention to this foolishness...remember how special you are.


lovetheprimlook said...

Stacey, please keep your chin up and spirits high :)


Jane said...

Dear Stacey,

Not that another word is necessary after that eloquent and heartfelt rebuttal you posted after addressing the unscrupulous attacks on you. I just want to applaud you for handling the matter with class and integrity for which you are so well known. Your purity is reflected in everything you do. Clearly, you are on a much higher level than your (would be) detractors by any measure of comparison. The truth is on your side.

I know, firsthand, how caring and giving you are despite your hectic schedule. For anyone to take advantage of your goodness and then turn on you is unconscionable and shocking. These are not happy people, and I know you pray for them. They removed their shameful remarks from their website as soon as your rebuttal was posted. Somehow the truth always wins out

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, how terrible that someone would do that to you. You certainly made a very gracious blog about it, and sound very peaceful and collected over it all. I'm so sorry about all of that that is happening to you & hope that people take the time to learn the truth before they judge as this can be an unforgiving and judgemental business sometimes. I think you have a brilliant, beautiful spirit & I believe in you. Keep going...the truth will win out.