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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suitcase O' Help

I'm almost there.. almost finished with the samples I have been working on. I've traipsed back and forth to help my parents and work here at the Goode Comfort Cottage. Not that it is bad, mind you.. just busy. I've come across the conclusion that I am a Gypsy Artist. Pack and go at the spur of a moment. No need for a studio, any kitchen table will do! I've had a real enjoyable time making up samples, but I'm ready to move on and delve into some new designs that I have drawn along the way. I still have a couple days left and then some graphics to do.. but I'm excited to look forward.

Now it's one thing to have a portable sewing machine and a box of stuffing.. but what about everything else I need to do my work? Needles, beads, paint , string, wire? So many things, not to mention thread, scissors and needle. How does one do it all? I had, at one time bought a wonderful sea grass basket at a show and dumped all that I needed to take with me at shows into it. It wasn't the best thing, but it worked. As Netty and I packed for our first Trade Show there were so many things to bring and we both brought a lot of finish work to do in our room at night. I bought myself an old suitcase from Goodwill. I absolutely love it and it goes nearly everyplace I do. I feel like Mary Poppins a bit, but I couldn't get by without my sturdy "Suitcase O'Help" as we affectionately call it. It could have been worse I keep telling myself....at least it's not my handbag.....

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Christine said...

Dear Stacey,
I love reading of all your adventures...and this one especially with your Mary Poppins bag.
We always had an old wicker picnic basket for my shows. We called "the possibles". We knew if we needed something, it was very "possible" that it might be in there...and thank goodness, it usually was.
keep bringing us your wonderful stories, I really enjoy them.