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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Charlotte Slaughter Scott

This is one of my favorite pieces of Art. I have always been drawn to the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. This doll is inspired by a real slave in Virginia. Charlotte Slaughter Scott. I met Charlotte's ancestor, at a Gallery Show. She told me the story of Charlotte, how as a slave she cut off some of her fingers, so that she would not be sold and could stay with her family. She went on to be a midwife and learned much about herbal medicine. It is my honor to share what inspires me with you.
I am thankful to Sherrie~ She is very honest about my work and said that I bring honor to Black Americans. I don't exaggerate features. They are done with a simple dignity to them. I added a touch of me in her headpiece. The knot isn't on top of the head as most of history would depict it, but rather done in a little different way, in what I felt a midwife may have done in the Southern heat and humidity.


lauren said...

She's beautiful Stacey!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Stacey she is DEAR! Love her