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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ode to My Micron Pen~

As my deadline has come to an end, I wanted to share with you the joy, found along the path.To sit and draw more complete drawings and to make a study from them has been long awaited for me. To be able to go beyond thumbnails and gesture drawings that make the journey to pattern world has brought me such happiness. I was able to research and study to bring everything to life.

Years ago as I graduated High School, I was given a Rapidograph Pen to take with me to Art School. Needless to say, it was not my best friend! Beyond it's permanence of mark, I disliked the ink clogs and cleaning. Technology has now given way to a non refillable pen and once you take the time to dance with it, a beautiful partner awaits. This dance takes much practice. My partner's steps hold permanence in his wake; one wrong move, or distraction can ruin the dance. I was aware every step of the way that perfect sync was needed, and I loved the challenge.

Monsieur Micron .005 has been a debonair partner these past few days. He has brought out some of the best in me. A difficult teacher at times. He has also brought out the best of my gift and I am glad to be able to share it with you. The notepads will be available in the fall and I will pass along the information as I can. For now though, I shall be taking a little rest from my art as my daughter has scoliosis surgery this coming week. I am packed and ready to spend the hours waiting through surgery with my other favorite dancing partner, Monsieur Mirado Pencil HB.

I am enclosing a favorite woodblock print to share some of my inspirations. The image is copyright free and a interesting study of Early American Folk Art. A few months ago at the Heritage Show, I had an opportunity to learn needle punch from Mary Jo Wylie. Mary Jo's work was featured in Early American Life Magazine, in their Artist issue. I hope that she gets a chance to see this.I'd like her to see that she continues to inspire me also. I have been studying to bring to life designs resulting in the study of that time period. Thank you Mary Jo for showing me another path along my journey, I'm very excited about it!

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