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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Evolution of a Crow

Every journey begins with a first step. I tried to find what was Folk Art, what was Primitive? It all seemed so open to interpretation.
The first step... what is Folk art to me? To me there were some classic symbols such as heart in hand, pineapples and ahhh... the crow! Next dilemma, was sewing. Was there life after a "D" in Home Ec? I looked to Netty for some kind of answer. You have to love the Old Vermonter Spirit! Her answer was simple, " you draw it out on muslin and sew it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't." I was doomed! My next question... what kind of stuffing? "If it falls on the floor, it's stuffing." As you can see, my work evolved and with only a wee bit of direction, but lots of encouragement, I was on my way.
It took months for all the concepts to come together, especially the wire legs. I was and still am very timid in trying some things, but I'm finding my instincts are generally right on target. As you can see, the crow originally had little button like stabilizers as I was afraid to poke the wire up through the back and glue it down. I felt it would be too bulky and you would feel the wire. Thank goodness for that brave friend that tells you.. "what is the worst that can happen"? A visit with my little crow to another friend and a professional crafter resulted in success.

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