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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just What is a "Good Wife"?

Good question!!! It is a term that was popular in Puritan England and New England. It was used formerly as a courtesy title before the surname of a married woman, not of noble birth. "Goody" was short for Goodwife and used like Mrs. is today. Does it fit me? Somedays I think so (especially the part; "not of noble birth")...although if anyone would call me Mrs. Mead, I always politely tell them"that would be my Mother in Law". I am far from Puritan, but there is something to be said for learning old ways that have been bypassed by time and technology. To grasp them, hold them close and not forget our past and heritage. Most importantly... pass it on.

When I first started my path of Primitive Folk Art, I was married with two young children. I had my little house on the hill that over looked the mountains of Vermont. In the spring, a little brook would babble along in the back yard and lull me to sleep nights. Both of my parents needed me close by and I was a quick 10 miles away. Life changes and so must we... in having those things, I had pushed aside my art. I knew that in order to live here that the chances of me being able to make a living at my art would be slim to none. I abandoned my dream of getting my Masters in Drawing several years earlier. I did a few area craft shows to feed my need to create. I married and started a family. As they entered school, I taught painting a couple evenings a week. I enjoyed it...but I wanted more. Most importantly, I wanted to know where I fit best as an artist. I had never quite figured that out. I could draw, paint and sculpt and had done it professionally, but I didn't care for Gallerys. I searched for the answer inside me, it was a quest to find my art, to find the spirituality that was me. To not be molded and shaped from what friends and family thought I should do and be... but for the first time, just simply find and be me.

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