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Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Greatest Works of Art

It is good to be back, and there is no place like home. Enclosed is a picture taken of my two daughters the weekend before last. My oldest had surgery to correct her scoliosis on the 28th of March. I drove both of us up to Burlington, VT~ 2 hours away. I stayed in the area Ronald McDonald House. They were so kind, and such a Godsend to us.
Bailey's surgery lasted about 11 hours. It was the longest day ever~ even longer than my 21 hour labor to have her! The first couple days were so hard to see her all puffy and medicated. Soon she had control of the Peds unit, tho and in true Mead form was up to some good April Fool's fun. Her nurse helped her fill her urine catcher with purple grape juice for the day Dr. and blue tempera paint for her night nurse!
My younger daughter Jess came up 2 days after her surgery for a visit. For as much as these two argue over EVERYTHING, they are as close as ever now. Jess has been such a help to me during this whole ordeal. I know Jess that it's no fun being a "Gopher", but I want to let you know that I really do appreciate all that you do. You are the self appointed keeper and caretaker of us all. I worry at times that you have taken on so much for someone so young, but I know it's who you are and that you do keep balance in your life. Both of you are night and day~ each has such wonderful and special gifts. I can't imagine how colorless my life would be without you both. You two ARE my greatest works of art!

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