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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Cold Wind Doth Blow

It's certainly a Winter for the books. Yesterday, we awoke to a snowy, blowy morning.

Out in the front yard, there was not a Sparrow or Chickadee to be seen in the Pine Shrub... the Hedge Row is only a stop for the nicer days...
of which we have had so few this year.

A few hours after this picture, the skies cleared to a chilly blue and the temperatures dropped, even farther.

In the midst of fighting colds, celebrating Birthdays, and being on standby as a loved one needed to go to the hospital, we were able to make a quick trip to our favorite Village; Sharon Springs.  I had to pick up a few things at the shop, take a few notes and make plans for an April re-opening.  The evening before had left a light covering of snow...

it's so beautiful there and reminds me of home.

Our Wee shop shares the same building as McGillycutty's Naturals
Our favorite place for goat milk soaps!

Above is one that Deb, personally picked for us, because it looked like Tim. The spots you see are bits of chopped mint.


Do click on the link, and try some!

It has been frosty...
and down right cold.

I have been busy with family and paperwork...with a bit of creating. My pencil has been at work, taking notes and sketching as always.
We are cozy, here in the Wee Cottage and I make sure that my day includes some time for stitching.

Soon....very soon, I will hold a webshow.


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

And the wind is still blowing here...
Looks like a delightful little town, a perfect spot for a one tank getaway.
When the weather warms up a bit of course.
Stay warm.
Susan x

jers52 said...

Are you in Washington Co, PA??? When I was browsing and saw McGillacuttie it took me back to my grandma saying that.

We have Washington County PA roots.

Jan (Rowan) Spohn
Butler , PA

Stacey said...

Hi Jan~ I am from Washington County NY~ It is in Northern NY and rich in history. (Last of The Mohican's was written about this area.) I moved closer to the Capital District a few years ago and decided to keep the name as it is always where my heart is...and I thought it would be better than "Schenectady County" for all who follow me.