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Monday, January 20, 2014

Snowflakes, Surprises and The Wee Shoppe

It's a snowy afternoon in Northern New York. It has been softly falling since morning. Our days at the Wee Cottage are switched around a bit as the Mister is working second shift. It has taken a bit of getting used to, as we were better at being early risers. 

This weekend, the inside of the Wee Cottage was filled with giggles and laughter as my two daughters and a boyfriend made the journey down from farther North. They are older now, balancing work and school; so to get them all together for a couple of days is magical.....

The reason for this? The Mister turned 60! His daughter Kelly and husband Kenny, orchestrated a surprise party for him. He was led to believe that the party was actually for his daughter instead. 

As families blend, they have the ability to grow in a special way. The Walsh family welcomed us with opened arms nearly 9 years ago. As a Mom, the choice to separate and end a marriage is difficult...I made a promise to my daughters before then, that life would get better and our family would get bigger. This weekend, my heart smiled at how beautifully it has  come to pass. The goode memories continue to be made and it is nice to see how much this family has grown in size, just in the 9 years that we have been a part of them.

The weekend was also one for big decisions on the Wee Shoppe that I share in Sharon Springs.......

It is with a thankful heart that I share with you that the Shoppe will continue. We will close at the end of the month and reopen in April, when the weather is nicer and the tourists visit the Springs. I feel so very blessed at the many goode things that this year holds for me. I am taking a leap in Faith and I know that no matter the journey this year, it is not made alone, but with many friends and family to cheer and lift me. Our success comes from many beside us. 2014 has only just begun.....