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Friday, July 19, 2013

Soul of Olde

I try to be patient. It's difficult for me. It's hot....and not a dry heat either. I enjoy the Northeast and the change of Seasons, so very distinct. I love the history also. Can you see where my head and hands have been working?

Olde Gravestones call my heart. I must have lived and loved in another time. Everything in the pictures call to my heart.

Quill pens and the sheen of dried ink. Dried blossoms will be a forever reminder that my beloved loves them also. Ladies accessories that will become pin-keeps and will speak with a voice of long ago when complete. Ribbons and thread on a wooden spool, remind me of Williamsburg and a trip the Millinery....ever etched in my memory. 

I have a soul of Olde.


Karen Larko said...

Very pretty! I esp. love the heart! Sweet music too!

Three Cat Farm said...

Very sweet!