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Friday, July 12, 2013


July has sprung forth in full glory. There is no slowing down at this time of year for me. If there was a rest to be had, it is in those first six months.

I am loving this sculpt. Clay like other mediums is something that you grow with if you have an inclination. I've tried about every clay made and have found what makes my work sing. Textiles and texture all blend together making a simple photograph a celebration.

I feel that I have settled into a place that I enjoy. I am fully in my "Beatrix Potter" inspired journey and loving it. 

It is not all work though. When it is not stormy or soupy, we have enjoyed music in the park (If you have never heard "Screaming Orphans", do look them up on YouTube, you won't be disappointed). We have had dinner under the "Cabana" with family and friends, along with quiet evenings sitting by the fire pit. Marshmallows required, of course. There are more family gatherings ahead in the next couple weeks. We are truly blessed to have such simple joys.

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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Soooo Cute ~ right down to her adorable little basket!
Enjoy all your simple pleasures in life!
Prim Blessings