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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keeping the Faith

I have learned long ago to have Faith and know that things will fall into place as they should. It's not always easy, I admit....there are always obstacles ...but it is the obstacles that make the journey memorable.

I was asked a short time ago, through one family member , if I would consider making one of my Wee Mousels for a cause that another family member was working on. A run and auction for Autism.....I was thankful for the opportunity. As some of you know, my oldest daughter has Asperger's and although it is mild, it wasn't an easy road for either of us....it still isn't. We have good and bad days, but we get through it.

Shawnna was told when she sought out a Mousel for the Cause, that they always go to homes where they belong. I'm sure that many who have adopted them will tell you this is true.

This Wee Mara Mousel started out on her journey from New York and was to travel to Florida. It was supposed to be a two day journey, but after the second day passed and no Mara, Shawnna was very nervous. "We got this", I messaged her, Keep the Faith, send good energy out there. The next morning, she called her Post Office and Mara Mousel arrived in time for  the event.

....And then it rained....and poured. It poured so, that the run was cancelled. The sale of tickets continued. This event was too important to let rain get the best of it! In all of this, Wee Mara Mousel kept disappearing from the table. There was a young man in his 20's with Autism that was smitten. Although not too verbal, he kept calling her beautiful. His parents bought 75 tickets. Mara Mousel kept disappearing from the table, being kept safe by this young man. A worried Shawnna was beside herself, she told me. What to do? Should they donate and give the young man the Wee Mousel? There is a love connection here, and when you see that with a person having Autism, you realize the importance. Autism Speaks ~ I'm sure you have heard of the organization. It speaks for those who cannot. This young man, may not have said much, but he moved many. Mara, the Mousel...  in keeping the Faith, went home to the person that she was supposed to...the fine young man, who had such a love connection. 

To him, she is beautiful, but to me, he is special. He knew exactly where she belonged and he had Faith.
I am thankful, not only with the opportunity to give, but to know just how memorable this journey would be.


just me said...

oh I love this, gave me goosebumps this morning!! I too have a neice with aspbergers, she also is a high functioning extremely brilliant 9yo who even with her quirks I know is going to do something big with her life. I am so happy he has something beautiful, these are the things that make you feel proud of your art.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a lovely story!

Martha Doe said...

Your story really touched my heart as I have 2 grandchildren with Autism. One very much like the 20 year old in your story, the other is in 1st grade and hopefully will be more verbal.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.

Prim Blessings,Martha (4theluvofprimitives)

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Stacey, What a great story, it did go to the one that really would love and treasure it. Even though I have never dealt with autism personally, I know it is a challenge, have been around others who have to deal with it. My grandson, even though he doesn't have autism, he has problems with his left arm since he had a brain bleed after he was born at 27 weeks. This is something we have to deal with on a daily basis with thearpy twice a week, something he will have to deal with the rest of his life. There are so many children out there with special needs, all they need are people who care. Blessings too you for sending the little mouse that touched the heart of one of these children. Special blessings to you for caring for a child with these needs, it takes a lot of love and patience. I also wanted to tell you I just love Emma, she sits in a very special place in my kitchen where I can see her. Hugs Vicky

Марина Симкович said...

Влюблена в Ваше творчество, особенно в Ваших зверей, особенно в мышей)) Оригинально всё. В России мало шьют такие предметы.