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Monday, April 15, 2013


My offerings this month on TDIPT Mercantile are were uploaded with a bit of sadness in my heart. At the end of the month, we will all say goodbye to this remarkable selling site. Years ago as my selling site, Crow Soup ended it's run, the gals at TDIPT took me in. I was known only as a pattern maker, so this was quite a step for both of us. I am so glad that they took a chance with me and I thank them for giving me a place to shine.

I've received quite a few emails as people have heard the news. I must tell you that even though change comes to us all, this one is bittersweet. I have enjoyed my fellow Artisans here and their great works. I have been working on changing my online presence over the course of a few months, but not being on TDIPT was not one of my changes!

I trust in reasons and keep the faith that I will know my path. I have never been disappointed. There are winds of change ahead and I will announce them each step of the way......

It is sad to say goodbye, but I am also excited for my journey ahead.  For now, however, it is a time to enjoy and celebrate a remarkable site, put together by remarkable women.  Thank you for having me.

Do stop by and do write us. We love to hear from you and it's always nice to know how much you have touched someone's heart.

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