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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thank You, Ira

You have to love it... absolutely be in love with what you are doing...or it shows. Oh yes, your beginnings are just that...the place where you start. With time and work though, you push through those beginnings and your style shines through. There are no shortcuts... I had one woman that wanted me to teach her how to do Primitives, tell me two weeks after starting, that she awoke that morning and decided that she wanted to be a Folk Artist... not down the road, mind you, but starting at that moment. Well... its good to have ambition too. It is fuel for the passion in your heart... but you also need the right fuel.  Is it about the quick satisfaction that a sale will bring? What about following the success of another with what they do?....or is it about mastering your media or technique in a way that is the voice of your heart? Like any thing you do, you  put yourself into it fully in order to learn how to do it well. You just can't wake one morning and feel... I'm going to be a hairdresser, right now. I'll do a couple of haircuts on my friends and now I can have my own salon. You need to put your own sweat equity into it. Learn and master the basics...then take it and make it yours. You also need to learn what is the best way to get your work out there.

Time puts it's stamp on your work...and over time you will grow and your style will emerge.

For me personally, I am thankful for parents that nurtured my creativity when I was very young, giving me the opportunity to learn how to use different media and explore within it.  As each year ends, I take a look at the body of my work that I have produced and see if I have grown in it. I still have plenty of exploring and learning with much of it, and I am blessed that I am still doing a lot of work. My ambitions have not waned, but still nudge me awake in the mornings. I have much to do and learn still. With some things, I will be the beginner,but now, I'm good with it.


LuLu Kellogg said...

I looked at my designs from 7 years ago and then what I do now and it's a huge difference. It makes me so proud on how I have grown!

Happy Wednesday!


casey said...

You're good with it, alright, Miss Stacey!! The love for what you're doing shines right through.

NancyD said...

I absolutely love your post today, Stacey! How true is that?? I hope that a lot of people read this and are reminded of the process that it takes to learn. I'm always amazed at how much I can learn from others on a daily basis, after doing what I do for so many years. Beautifully written, thanks for sharing. :)

Sheila said...

I have to thank Nancy for sending me over here! Your words are so true and well written. I'm off to share your message as well.
Like Nancy said "we can all learn from others on a daily basis."
Your work is beautiful and your experience shows~

Green Creek Primitives said...

Stacey, Thank you for putting this on your blog. I just started making handmades only 3 years ago, yes I still make them from patterns, but now they have my personality added to them, the colors I choose to use and different little items you add to make the item come alive. Yes I can see where I started and where I am now, and I am so glad I didn't quit, I use to say I could not do it, now I say I want to do my best and someday have my own creations. I am thankful for artist like you that have created such great patterns, just finished making Gladys Parmer and working on Twigs, I have learned so much from these patterns it give me the ambition to continue with my love of making primitive handmades. Thanks again Stacey for sharing this on your blog it made my day. Vicky

Deb Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Wonderful, thoughtful post Stacey; I had seen Ira's quote on Facebook as well and it certainly does resonate, doesn't it? I learn something new everyday and know that I am still growing and learning on my creative path. It's nice to hear though, as you slog along, that others have traveled and are traveling the road along with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Deb