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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Forging Ahead

This Winter I have been having a bit of fun. I taught Tim how to cast chalkware, from some of my old molds. He always sits beside me as I map out my business plan for the year (or as of late, 6 months ahead.). This Fall as we checked out area shows and met new friends...we took notes. (Thank you Mindy for encouraging and inspiring~ I can't wait til September!). I alluded to the plan I am working on now, back in September, and now it's going forward! A few weeks ago, we started acting on them...first by teaching Tim the casting and lately by me sculpting again. You thought it was just going to be the paper clay dolls, didn't you? Ahhh no... you see, Tim and I are teaming up. I'm sculpting and making the molds ( thank you Dad for showing me the world beyond just pouring Ceramics for the shop!). Chalkware is just one of the media that we will offer at shows.....we will also be pouring beeswax. Of course, I have a little different presentation idea that I hope will continue to reflect my work...The Goode Wife Way~


mindy said...

it was wonderful and such an honor to meet one soo talented! can't wait to see you again soon...I really should get to work on my fall things!!

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

wow, sounds great, can't wait to see!

Jan Conwell said...

Have fun! Looking forward to seeing the developments.