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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Fine Season

Sunday morning has slipped away already, but not without "brunch". Who says that you can't have pie for breakfast? Especially fresh strawberry rhubarb at the peak of strawberry season in the Adirondacks. Days like these were meant for spending outside. Long Summer days do speed by quickly as we get older.

Miss Bailey will be finding that out now.She has worked hard to be able to graduate on time with her class and I am very proud of her. If you have a child with challenges, you know the struggle it is to get what you need for your child in the school system. Bailey and I have both learned along the way...and are both better for it. She has completed one year of Cosmetology and will continue full time next year. Bailey was also surprised with two scholarship awards to help her on her way. 

She couldn't wait to show Gramma Judy; and Gramma Judy couldn't wait to see and hear about it all. Bailey was quite saddened that her Grampy wasn't here to watch her, as he promised long ago. Ahhh, but he was watching it all, I reminded her. Didn't you feel him beside you the whole time? 
And so, as the tassel is moved... so is a lifetime. Bailey's life will never be the same, she will make mistakes as well as great accomplishments. Her family will be beside her. She will know they are there, because she knows and feels their love for her. It is this love that will give her wings to fly and courage to reach beyond what she thinks she can do. Congratulations Bailey, to you and your class. It is a fine season, indeed. 

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