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Friday, June 10, 2011

Striking A Balance

 It's hard for me to believe that it has been nearly six months since I moved to my new home and life with Tim. I'd love to say that I am all settled, but everything has come slowly.I still take care of many of my Mother's needs even though I am not living there. There are groceries, bills, housekeeping issues as well as staff that still takes plenty of time. By going up and staying a day or two a week, she has been able to stay at home for about a month or so longer than planned.

I never realized how exhausted my body was from all of this, until I was able to rest...REALLY rest. I have been able to rest and heal my body and soul. I am loving the simple joys such as gardening now that Spring has come. I'm also enjoying time with my daughters when I go up weekly. They have grown, it seems, in a blink of an eye. We are closer than ever and the miles between haven't been as difficult as we thought.
There have been a lot of changes with my business too! Tim's computer as well as mine were about the same age and after about 7 years, both needed to retire. We upgraded to a large touch screen and I love it! It is much easier to process my pattern orders. We also upgraded our cell phones and have become up to date with technology. At least for the moment. I have always been a basics person when it comes to a phone. I just needed something so that my kids or Mom could get a hold of me quickly. With the travel, I needed something with me on the road too. Now, I have an amazing phone, access to the Internet and can answer emails...even text, which I thought I would never get the hang of. It works well and as I start doing shows again, I will be able to process credit cards with the phone.
I also have STAFF! For those of you that have a cat, you fully understand the picture. Bobo is the hub of what goes on here...well, she thinks she is. She inspects ALL incoming shipments of supplies and her favorite job is Quality Control Checker in the Stuffing Department. She makes sure that the "loft" of the stuffing is always perfect. 
Murphy is Security and Entertainment. He's sporting his new Summer haircut and thinks himself quite the spiffy looking man. He's right on top of making sure that the house is secure and the birds and squirrels stay out of the garden. This gives me time to hunker right down in my work and not have anything to worry about.
And finally, there is Mollie. We aren't quite sure what her role is...except perhaps Company Princess. She is my constant companion, until Tim comes home...and yes, has her own tiara. 

The past six months have brought a lot of changes in my life. There is a peacefulness here in the little cottage. My days are filled with my goode work; be it art, garden or home. I see my mountains, my Mom and my girls quite a lot and the miles between aren't really so far.

 I've had a lot of new changes, even in my work. I'm loving the graphics that I am doing for Monahan Papers. The sculpted dolls always give me a challenge which is important to me. My wee folks and patterns still move forward, just a bit slower with everything else.  Life is always changing, sometimes little by little...and sometimes leaps and bounds. It all falls in place as it should. There have been changes that I haven't been too happy about, but in the end, everything is balancing out quite nicely. 


just me said...

sounds wonderful! what kind of phone are you using that you can take credit cards at your shows? have been doing the pay as you go thing but thinking of upgrading and wow that sounds easy instead of carrying around the big machine!

Stacey said...

Send me an email at:
thegoodewife.folkart@yahoo.com and I'll send you the scoop!

Lana Manis said...

It sounds like you are a very busy lady with so many wonderful things going on.
Congratulations to Bailey on her graduation, too! :)