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Monday, August 2, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

It is amazing how fast the days can go by, especially when you are busy. I had started on several projects for upcoming shows and it was a good thing. You see, the summer is always a good time to sell patterns as people create for locals shows, for their own home and gifts. After seven years of new pattern releases and even a magazine cover, I would have never guessed that THIS Summer and THIS July, the orders would come in faster than I could process them. I am nearly caught up... but as I was folding and filling these orders I was worried about my obligation for finished items on Simply Primitives. Thank goodness I had some designs that needed just a wee bit of finishing. 
   My tombstone angel holds a reflection of my heart. I have always loved a stroll in an old grave yard and have been known to pack a lunch to enjoy,  as I walk through and read of lives  that were lived so very long ago.  What did he look like? How did she do her hair? What were their days like? What was this area like....oh if I could just step into their time and take a peek! I know that this place is filled with heartache, and there are tragedies told... but it is also a place for them to rest, and me to ponder. And so ponder I have, as I experiment with different layers and just how the paint should go. I am thankful for friends that send me pictures of old tombstones to share ~ I thought that we must seem an odd lot, but I find that each time I work in this direction, more and more people share the same love. Art does speak well to our hearts, doesn't it?


Twilight40 said...

OMGosh! Someone who gets it! lol. My sister and I would go through old cemeteries here in Delaware and do rubbings. I loved Salem Mass when we visited there. The grave yards were so much older and the grave stones were so unique. Your anlge headstone reminds me of that. Its all so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl M.

kim said...

Have you ever came across the small houses that you go in to see the grave. They are not stone. I live in TN and they are built like a cabin. You have to crouch down to fit. We also have the cone graves with some neat headstones.
Old graveyards are very interesting.
take care

Stacey said...

Thank you both! I have never seen the houses or the cone graves Kim~ if you ever get any pics and would like to share~ I'm interested in learning. I love the olde rubbings and the stories they tell. I was not prepared for the response that has been filling my email box~ there are so many of you that enjoy and get it~ Smiles to all of you~ here's to yesterday.