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Monday, August 23, 2010

Show Time!

I love doing shows and seeing the special connection made between my wee folk and their adoptive parents.  There are no words that describe the magic made in these love connections, but that moment brings me the greatest joy.

I will be doing a show at the Mabee Farm, in Rotterdam Junction. Not far from Albany~ Not too bad for my Vermont and Massachusetts friends and family to visit. I'm so excited! What's better than a show? A show at a Historical site! The Mabee Farm was built about 1670-80 and has a full sized Dutch Barn. I will surely be in my element! The show will be from 10 - 5. Do stop by for a visit~ I'd love to see you! For more information, click on the picture and visit the link~ 


GailinVirginia said...

good morning busy lady,
you asked IF I had found any good blogs lately YES, yours all of them:)
I totally get lost in them.

Take care,and God Bless you,
Gail in Virginia

Tricky Stitches Primitives said...

It was SO nice to meet you at the show Stacey!Your sweet little frog witch has made her home right next to my keyboard until Fall rolls around. I ADORE her!
Thanks again and I'm looking forward to our next meeting- Noelle