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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ahhh...This Crazy Life~

The days continue to be very full here at my little Kitchen Table Studio. I am thankful to have the work in such a difficult economy. The house here is full of activity and giggles as my daughters spend time with me and prepare for them to go back to school. They have also been giving me a hand as I try to get all the orders caught up. 

I wasn't able to devote time to TDIPT this month, but do stop by and visit the wonderful talent . You may find something special that speaks to you!

I am hopeful that I will get everything out this week and I'm also working on a little show. I had planned a couple shows near Tim's thinking that I would be settled in by now. We just do it a little differently at this point. I will give more information on this show and a couple other pieces of Goode News in the days ahead. Until then, here is a little sneak peak of something VERY special!

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kat449 said...

Hi Stac, you tease! I cant wait to see whats up your sneaky sleeve! LOL Im so happy your finding some much needed peace in "different" different doesnt always mean bad...its just... well...different. your ability to work around it & with it simply inspires me when Im out of my comfort zone. Always in your corner Kid...