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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Meet Dame Dimbleby and her pet fly, Precious. She kept a smile on my face, the whole time I was bringing her to life. Being a caretaker for a parent does keep me more than busy lately. Some days it is difficult to find the extra time around care taking and 2 teenage daughters to work and create even just part time. I am ever aware though that when my care taking journey ends soon, that I will be unsure what to do when my lively days quiet down. There will be changes ahead for me, but in the meantime I will be taking care of my family first and creating during any stolen moment that I can.

Simply Primitives opened last night, but Mrs. Dimbleby was a wee bit finicky about which dress to wear. She finally decided, but it was too late for her to make her debut. She is joined by two other friends of the green; a Swamp Toad named Hadwig and a leaping Prince Charming, ready to plant a smooch on his Princess. Everyone will be up shortly on Simply Primitives along with the works of my less tardy friends. Please stop by and enjoy some smiles!


spindelmaker said...

What a pleasant introduction! I adore her little fly. His eyes make him the sweetest fly I´ve ever seen!

Debra said...

You made me smile! I can't wait to see what else you're working on. Those eyes look very familiar. Are they little round wooden things? I bought a bag or two of them, thinking they would be wonderful eyes, and they are! Your creatures are so full of life.
I think it's wonderful that you put your family first.
Your fan, Debra

L~ @prim4Him said...

She's AWESOME Stace!
That's one fly I wouldn't swat! :)

I am so excited now that I can actually work my machine & sew! HA! I will finally be able to bring to life HB,Floyd, Delores & Pete come fall!!! HA!

The postmark on the envelope you mailed them in is '08 - yikes! Can you believe it???

Time fly's (pun intended) teehee!
I blinked & it was 2010!
Hope you are well & goode my sweet friend!

Anonymous said...
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