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Thursday, May 13, 2010

News Aound The Hen House

Like most of you, Spring brings much activity to our families, and often goes in several different directions at once. Our area and mountains have busted out in various shades of green and I am enjoying time outside, as long as the pollen count isn't too high. The bird song is beautiful in the mornings and coffee on the veranda with Tim a treat. My days end after midnight as there is so much to fit in. Some of my wee friends are stretching their wings and you will be surprised where you will see them, but be patient, that is for next year.
In all of this, we had quite a bump in our road these past few weeks. My daughter Bailey was taken quite ill and spent 2 weeks between her Doctor, the emergency room, tests and even a hospital stay. What was thought to be an her appendix, was then thought to be an ovarian cyst, and perhaps the gall bladder. The culprit, in the end, was her liver. It was a huge wake up call for us. You see, Bailey is one of so many of our children that is overweight in this country. She is my comfort food eater and even though she goes to a nutrition group every week, it is difficult for her to understand it all with her Autism Spectrum. Her body has said "enough" loud and clear. Fat is being stored in her liver, much like it would be on a alcoholic. Bailey learning how to become a vegetarian. She simply has no other choice. She is learning and embracing it...and realizing that Mom's smoothies had tofu snuck in ~ Netty's cereal is really "the bomb" and rutabaga fries are fun because they have a bit of sweetness to them. I however, realize that my favorite soy/chai drink may have to be hidden....
I am now trying to catch up on pattern orders, mailing wee folk to their new homes, a sea of samples along with my offerings for TDIPT, due tomorrow night. It is never boring around here, that's for sure. TDIPT will hold a surprise for many of you as I share my work in a different medium. It is one that I am quite familiar with. I have taken nearly a year to just explore a new form and see just where I wanted to go with it... it won't replace my love for my wee folk, but instead embrace another part of my heart. Til the morrow ~


BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

I am so glad they were able to find out what was going on with your daughter. Wow up til midnight and up with the birds. You go girl. I have been an admiring for many years now.

L~ @prim4Him said...

Oooooooh I can't wait to see what you've been cook'n up!!! :)
I guess mixed media/altered art? We shall see!

Prayers for Bailey!
So glad they figured out the cause, there is at least some, relief in THAT-
I went gluten free on my own & that's been (still is)a challenge & an education - i feel much better though! :)
Exercise is the key! Find her something super fun & don't call it the E word! teehee!

Until later my goode friend! :)