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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extremely Goode

There is nothing so satisfying as to see your vision come together. Sometimes you don't realize just how long you have spoken through your work, until someone points it out. This weekend brought my dear friend and high school classmate home for a visit. She was looking at my little friends and giggled that the wonky bead eyes that I love, started long before this muslin journey. They were evident in drawings and sculptures made in high school. I drew constantly, and loved the feel of clay in my hands...and still do. The whimsical spirit if my work still comes speaks loud.

There is another side, however that pulls and challenges me. The simplistic nature of extreme primitives can be very difficult to capture successfully. It speaks to my soul and draws me in. My Early Bee Charmer is entirely personal and is very much my soul. I have always been drawn to the early tombstones in my area. I enjoy making rubbings and collecting them. A chat with a friend whose family is known for their beekeeping inspired and brought together my Bee Charmer. I love how the design elements pulled together and captured my inspiration.. she is
my personal favorite of all the offerings.
Tomorrow starts more Halloween friends and work that will actually make it's impact for next year. I have been fortunate to have a couple opportunities to try my hand at and although you won't see them until next year, I do believe you will recognize the work...even in a different media.
Do stop into TDIPT and enjoy the work of some very talented ladies!


Barbara said...

What wonderful creations you've made! I love them all, they're just too precious!

Sue said...

I love the simplicity and warmth of primitive styles and it is something I have tried to capture in clay, however have been unsuccessful - I can identify totally with your comment. Working "simple" is not always easy.

I so love your creations - wonky eyes (love them) and all!


Carol said...

I have been admiring your work for so long and I just wanted to let you know that!

Finegan Antiques said...

You gotta love those voices. Your little friends have such personalities. Way cute!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this post. The process is so long and..quiet, but at the end, when you see your vision come to life, it is extremely satisfying.

I adore your work. Beautiful.