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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Side of Me

I'm fortunate that my parents always nurtured creativity in our house. I've sculpted since I was a young girl and for several years would earn my money at local craft shows as there weren't many teen jobs available here. It's always so special when someone shares that they still have one of my little critters from back then and the connection that they have with it. Before I found my groove in Folk Art, I discovered Paperclay. It was okay, but I never devoted the time to build a relationship with it.....not until last year when I decided to try a class using it. I enjoyed it...so much that I would steal time away, just to explore with it. Finally I decided it was time to put it out there and share with you. I can't tell you just how much I enjoyed working in clay again and adding it into my love of yesterday. Each piece showed it's own spirit every step of the way. It gave me times of uncertainty in my own ability, but I think that it is very much like riding a bike. I would now like to formally introduce you to three wonderful Ladyes.
  • Grace is the sweetest little sparrow and so delicately painted. She is inspired by
  • the olde sepia photographs.
  • Faith is a Harvest Pumpkin Angel . Her arms and tendrils are made from rusty wire. The wire has the ability to speak so expressively and it is a favorite of mine.
  • Finally, Fiona the frog... I was able to just let whimsy run wild and she makes me smile every time I walk by her.

All three have slips, bloomers and dangling feet above a wooden stand. They are all very much one of a kind pieces with simple details such as glass bead buttons and plenty of hand stitching or what I call, love stitching. I will certainly be making more friends this way, but I am not letting go of my other wee friends...just sharing a different side of me.


Finegan Antiques said...

All three of your lovely girls make me smile. You should be very proud.


Sue said...

Stacey these are fantastic. You have a wonderful touch with paperclay - very charming creations. Grace is my favorite!


Romeo said...


i have just found you through Cat Inn Primitives and oh what delight! Your creative spirit certainly inspires and makes me smile! Naturally, as a cat I am loving the sparrow, Grace. Although "she" says that's her favorite too.

I am now a follower and look forward to reading your posts often! Gotta run - it's what cats do ya know! Besides there is much more here to read and "she" is telling me the post window is blocking what "she" is trying to read!!! Sheesh!

Your new furriend,

Romeo and "her"

Suzanne-Poplar Street Prims said...

cute! cute! cute! I love them all! You did an awesome job with them!

spindelmaker said...

They are very lovely, all three of them! Thank you for sharing the possibilities with paper-clay! I´ve only tried it a couple of times, and loved it too.

Moonpie primitives said...

Hi Stacey: I absolutely love your new friends!!! they make me smile... you are a very talented gal... thanks for sharing, Nancy

Nancy said...

Oh Stacey...They are absolutely precious! So lovely and sweet...
Glad you are sculpting again...doing what makes you smile.

Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Nancy

Diane Duda said...

I just purchased my first paperclay and am excited to finish up what I'm working on and did in!
Your creations are just wonderful!!!