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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Missions Accomplished

As I look at the photo's of my offerings tonight, the pictures seem serene. It in no way, tells the story of a mad woman blindly, working. Nor does it reveal the chaos of the entire kitchen; both the table where I work or the counters where my work spilled. Not a hint, that the stove and sink are piled with empty pots, pans and dishes. It looks more like a crime scene than that of a creative person meeting a deadline.

It seems that no matter how I plan my work days and leave a completely reasonable amount of time for my offerings... I am still working on at least one slacker on upload day. The past week has been a challenge indeed. Add to the mix that I needed to permanently set aside the cheater glasses and wait until my new "fulltimelearntodealwithbifocals" arrive. This should have been last Friday. Needless to say, I had no choice and cheater glasses did help me through this deadline.
Like many of you in the Northeast, the excessive rain hasn't been a joy ride. I am thankful that we haven't had the flooding, but I did have my own little sump-pump-turned-fountain drama at one in the morning. True, it is never dull and I never know what the day will bring. Right now it is bringing new help for a couple hours a day to take care of my Mom. I can't tell you how much it means to have someone help for just a little bit when you are care taking someone in your family. We have always been fortunate to have found good and caring people. It is sad to see someone leave, but this time it has brought a couple of aides back to us that we enjoyed and have missed. For all the bumps, trials and tribulations, everything did work out just fine. Tomorrow starts another day and I am nearly ready to crawl into bed....I hope. Enjoy my little friends on SIMPLY PRIMITIVES. Somehow they all came together after a bumpy journey.


Suzanne-Poplar Street Prims said...

ohhh! I love the pig! She's awesome. And the bird... oh hell I love them ALL!

Debra said...

Thank you so much for the owl live cam link! I love owls so much! I love your art too-and have for a long, long time...Thanks so much for a delightful time here.

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey Stacey, Just stopping by to say Happy Easter. Christ has Risen. Hope you ahve a lovely day with you family. Love to you, Robin