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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrate Spring

March always finds me eager for Spring. Last week we were fortunate enough to have a wonderfully long stretch of sunshine and warm temperatures. Now it's back to our regular Upstate New York March and I feel a even stronger yearning. I am still caring for my Mom and creating as time allows. My heart however is at Millie's this week!

I can't tell you just how badly I would love to drop in on Millie and Robert for their Spring Open House. We have shared many a laugh and a tear together. As Millie would tell you, if we lived closer, we'd be dangerous together! She is a kindred soul and I'm sure that in a different life, we have played hooky and gone fishing for our dinner. Millie and Robert are Caretakers of Olde. Their home is featured in Jill Peterson's book, The Settlement. Jill's magazine, A Simple Life has just been released and is a huge success. If you are not close enough to stop by the shop, just click on the invitation above and you can step into the shop and browse from your home. Millie and Robert are happy to oblige you and I know that you will enjoy them as much as I do. Much love to you both~ I miss you!


Kat449 said...

Hi Stac...What fun living on "Crowe Road" must be! LOL I did receive & adore The Simple Life...Youre such a good friend to whoevers blessed to cross your path..like me...hey Miracle Thursday!!!! are ya sittin down??? Thats right WHO finally learned how to post blog links on her blog all by her bad self? Start doin the happy dance sister..I know YOU KNOW how thrilled IYAM! LOL go check it out..youre there right under under that "Softee" trouble maker! LOL who I also adore! Todays a good day Roons..love ya!

Pixie said...

Hi Stacey...glad I stopped by. Seems you have been very busy!

I sent you an email the other day, but Yahoo being what it is, you may not have gotten it. I was wondering if you have sent off the prize I won in OWOH? I worry as international mail can be a bit dodgy.