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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Trip of Treasures

I'd love to share with you, my special friends Robert and Millie Huckabay. A click on the picture will bring you to their site and back in time. Millie Huckabay's American Country store is sure to delight any lover of old. Millie herself is very beloved by me.

I met her several years ago at Fort Washington as Netty and I were setting up for the Gallery of Craftsmen Show. Now, setting up is never a pretty sight and we can get lost in the vision of the booth or rattled as time counts down time til opening. Millie came and sat beside us as we were madly pulling out our wares and setting them up. She has joined me every set up since. Millie has such a wonderful sense of humor and a twinkle in her eye, that you can not help but enjoy the gift that she is. She has reminded me of just how much I miss the South. Business isn't cold with Millie, but rather a handshake, a hug, a family. We catch up every year in Pennsylvania; our families, the smiles and sorrows. She is my favorite Aunt, I just know it! If we lived closer, she told me once... it would be deadly between the friends that I create and her keen insight to extreme primitives.

American Country will be holding their holiday open house this weekend. If you are in the area, please stop by and give them my best. I was able to send some Jakes for the show to set in among the time worn pieces and treasures from my colleagues. I know they will be happy to help you out so that you too can be Caretakers of Olde.

Millie and Robert~ Tim and I love you both lots and miss you VERY much. We can't wait to see you in January. As life settles ahead, it is our wish to set with you on the porch, in the cabin, on Crowe Road.

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Christine said...

Dear Stacey,

I have just been reading about your dear friends, Millie & Robert Huckabee, through the new book by Jill Peterson, "Settlement".

What a beautiful old home they have filled with such wonderful primitive things.
I know that your wonderful things feel right at home with them there.

I hope this finds you & your Tim and girls all doing well there in your pretty corner of the woods,