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Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Arrives

The sun is peeking through the clouds this morning. Most of the leaves have fallen and the mountains have taken on their blue gray coats for winter. I love listening to the leaves rustle under my feet as I walk, their smell is absolutely wonderful. When blended from the smoke of a wood stove, I just have to stop and close my eyes a moment, taking in the best smell in the world to me. Oh the memories of childhood come rushing in and I am in my own little world!
It shows in two of my offerings on Simply Primitives today. The season of Scrooge and Chimney Sweeps is upon us. Can see that I just never quite grew up, when you saw Mrs. DiNucci? I just crack myself up sometimes! Mrs. DiNucci is a sweet childhood memory. Not that she was a fish-heavens, no! She would chuckle at me naming this one after her though. One never saw Mrs. DiNucci out and about, that she wasn't dressed properly with handbag, dress shoes and her hair in a scarf, so that it wouldn't get mussed. She adored everyone and everyone adored her. Cheers Amelia and thank you for the memories that keep you here with us.
There is a new announcement in the next day or so. I'm very excited about it, but I need to read the instructions before I start. Most of you know that I am a very visual person, so this will be my biggest challenge. I will share, I promise...but know that it won't come without a few "Duh" and "Aha!" moments. I tend to do everything the Lucille Ball method. It's never boring and always entertaining!


kim said...

I am loving these newsest creations! Your Mrs DiNucci reminds me of my Aunt!! She never went anywhere without her "best friend"(scarf) lol
take care

Dreamspirations Gallery said...

Hi! I have an award for you on my blog! :)