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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Adirondack Surprise

Okay, I do love that we have all of the seasons here in Upstate NY, and I am always trying to work ahead of the holidays. I keep candles and music as I work, movies to inspire....but I'm not quite ready for snow yet. It's tried a couple of times here just lately. Sneaking in and trying to blend in with the raindrops, but not covering the leaves with white just yet. That could all change by morning. Insert a big sigh here.

Fall is my favorite Season and so much of my Halloween stays up year round. I continue designing for Fall, sneaking in sketches while I'm drawing bunnies. It's just who I am. Tomorrow night, we will all await The Great Pumpkin in front of the television as we have for most of my 46 years. Sometimes you just never grow up. I will be working on my projects, Santa's, snowmen and ornaments. Hopefully by then the wet, slushy white stuff that is supposed to start the day will be gone. Only just a gentle reminder that those Santa's and snowmen need to get going. I'm not trading in my Pumpkin Spice coffee for Hot Chocolate just yet.


Cordwood Cabin said...

Same here...it's hard to stitch Santa Claus when your mind is still in the pumpkin patch or on little ghouls in cheesecloth robes. It's too warm for us to get an early snow here, so we rely on morning frost instead (definitely a bit of winter wonderland in the early morning!)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I too will be watching charlie brown....wouldn't miss it..there is still alot of kid left in me...:)all 45 years of me...