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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Good Wife is Pooped!

At least right now. It was a wonderful show despite the rain and we all had a great time. Such a beautiful time of year, as the Berkshire Mountains were showing their Autumn skirts and the misty rain just added a "Sleepy Hollow " touch to the show.
The Goode Wives are at work on our art daily in some way or another. Even with this show now behind us, there are a couple more in store, before the New Year comes forth. Today, I am back in front of the sewing machine with my beloved raven patterns for a last Hallow's Eve hurrah of orders. I will continue to make all goode things Halloween for upcoming shows and orders, but they will take a slower pace as Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching. There is nothing like a show however,to let you know just how truly your work touches another person's heart. There is no better sight for me, than to see someone approach our booth and light up from heart to eyes with our creations. It is this simple joy that makes all the late nights and sore fingers worth it.
Lemon Poppyseeds will open tomorrow without me, as I will be taking some time off to complete some special friends. It looks like a new studio area for me is also in the works, (not to mention the one at The Goode Comfort Cottage). I will be getting fabrics and dollies in order as their new home awaits. I can't wait to share this special place with you.
I will also be on TDIPT with some new friends on the 15th. The clock is ticking and there are new friends and old here waiting to show their spirits. I may be pooped today after a show, but there is excitement in the air for The Good Wives ahead!

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Baggaraggs: said...

I love your work and have you listed on my Favorites at Etsy. your Blog is really neat. I have started a blog of my own and hope you will peek in one day soon. Your frog is fantastic and makes me think of my sweet little toad, Hopkins who comes daily to eat my Cat's wet food. He is getting so fat he can barely launch himself from the dish. Blessings and Peace. Robin of Baggaraggs.Etsy.com