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Monday, September 15, 2008

September Offerings

There has been a bustle of activity for several weeks now. It will continue until the first week of February and then I'll take a week or two to recoup before diving in for local shows. A local paper has been interviewing me for a piece among other area Artisans. I'm hopeful that I will be among those picked for the final write up.

Tim had a wonderful surprise two weeks ago as I was able to stay for a weekend at the Good Comfort Cottage. He took a room at the cottage and made it into a computer room and studio for me. He worked very hard to have my favorite "schmarm" table, sewing table and treasures set up to inspire. Molly and Rosie are content at our feet as we worked along this past weekend. Bobo the cat was very happy when I arrived with a new box of stuffing. She likes to curl up in it and check out it's loft.

I was only able to put up two offerings on TDIPT this time. I'm busy finishing an order for a dear loved one and getting ready for a show at the end of the month. The postcards have all gone out and it will be nice to say hello to friends that visit the blog and live nearby. Netty and I are looking forward to this adventure and both of us are at full speed in creating.

I wanted to share pictures of my two TDIPT offerings. I had such a good time with them. Durell was a celebration of my continued love of wire.. and Mrs. Brimfield well, she was my heart's surprise. An artists work is bringing what is in the mind and soul outward. Sometimes the idea takes a little trip and weaves itself in an out. What you have pictured exactly in your mind, may not quite match what your hands have done, but it happily speaks what the thought was. I enjoy realism, but whimsy generally takes over and sometimes all realism is lost in the final piece. Not this time~ Mrs. Brimfield surpassed what I had in my minds eye and joyfully surprised me with her outcome. She is one of those pieces that you shed a tear over as you pack her for her journey to her new home. I know without a doubt that the person adopting her feels the same and she will be treasured. I realise in it all, how blessed I truly am.

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queen-of-nostalgia said...

I came across your blog and am smitten! Your work is absolutely amazing! Delightful :)