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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Inspires Me Today~

There is always something artsy going on here every day. This morning was overcast and misty as the sun was coming up. There were dolls drying in the oven and the smells of coffee, cinnamon and sweet grass filling the kitchen. I'm in Halloween mode nearly all year, but when Fall whispers, it also embraces me. I LOVE it.
This is Eliza's Glove, now available on Etsy. I look at it and smile. It was one of my very early designs that I would take with me to Brimfield. It didn't have the spider on it for a few years. It wasn't until Netty and I were in Fort Washington at the Gallery show, when the spider came about. I was mulling over the fact that it needed something and Netty said... a spider. That was IT! It is fun how people can look at your work and and inspire you to go further. Now there is another version that I sketched out that day. I think it's time pull it out and bring it to life. It just feels right.


Cordwood Cabin said...

I love your story about the spider...it's amazing what little things can inspire the perfect detail in a project. Especially those that are missing just a "little something" to be just right.
P.S. We all agreed that the patterns in the post below are adorable...especially Duncan with his pumpkin!

Christine said...

i love this.

plain*worker*primitives said...

Stacey, just dropping by to say hello! Sure glad to read everything is going well :)
Take care,