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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Little Change In the Dance~

My pace is a wee bit slower the past few weeks. An old back injury has decided to make an appearance after quite a few years without. My mobility is making a slower than expected comeback. Apparently I think I should be healing the way I did ten years ago. Why not?

In it all, I am not one to have quiet hands, no matter what. Just means more drawing time to me! I wanted to give all you pattern gals aheads up. TDIPT Mercantile is fast approaching on the 15th of the month. Two out of the three offerings are the actual models for two new patterns. They are not past finished offerings. So why the photo's above? I thought I'd share a couple of my show pieces and one of them is a wee bit of a hint. I will post the new patterns here on the 15th, along with instructions as to how you can get them. Are you ready???

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simple~needs said...

i am loving the witches!! i also love the punkin person in your header!! you are so darn creative!!
i hope you get to feeling better soon!! :)