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Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Under the Wire

It has been such a busy Summer here in Upstate NY. The leaves are starting to show bits of oranges and yellows. Enough to let us know that Harvest will be upon us soon. I wanted to share with you a special piece. Lemon Poppyseeds opened and all of my Halloween offerings were sold. I wanted to share my Pumpkin Angel with you. I drew out the concept late last summer and it has mulled about in my head on and off. I LOVE working with wire and it has been a part of my Folk Art since the very beginning. From my first crow feet on Snow Raven, to my Skeleton hands at Brimfield (they were too clunky, so I didn't continue) and then to stitched on wire mouths. This was a celebration of the wire works and the days when I taught painting and how to paint tendrils. This Pumpkin Angel embraced so much of what is "me".....I know there will be a tear in my eye as I wrap her to go on to her new home. Her new family loves her just as much as I and is eager to welcome her. My Angel has come full circle.


Cordwood Cabin said...

The angel is beautiful! I think wire work is one of the best parts of primitive arts: with a twist of the pliers, it becomes wings, antennae, clawing fingers or a sturdy spine. :-)