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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Pattern Release!

It's official! Bobo is the newest to join the Raven's Haven crew. In the next few weeks ahead, I will introduce each as they are ready. There are a couple old friends and some new. I hope that you enjoy them.

You can order Bobo directly from here using Pay Pal, just use snoraven@hotmail.com . The pattern is 8.50 and 1.00 to ship for as total of $9.50. Just put "Bobo" in the message area. You can also take a ride over on my Etsy link where he will be available with several other friends of mine.

Bobo is 10 inches tall at the tail and just over 11 inches long. Perfect as a shelf sitter or in a basket. He is paint on muslin that has been distressed. All techniques and instructions are given along with a full sized pattern template. All you need is basic sewing experience. You can have a lot of creative fun with Bobo~ make him an orange striped cat, add a Santa, witch or top hat for the upcoming holidays. Quick and easy enough to make several for shows! Have a great time sewing and there is more to come!


Cheryl said...

Hi, Love your Blog.
Do you have Eleanor and Bickey as Patterns yet? Please let me know.
Stop by and visit my new Blog:

Raggedy Angel said...

I love your work!!!
I will back,Love that Jake!

Jane said...

What is your Etsy seller name? Want to bookmark it-
Jane in VT

Rot said...

Wonderful creations. The best primitive folk art I've seen.

beth said...

Hi Stacey,
Imagine my surprise, when surfing for "primitive" blogs to see a picture of one of my former students, Jessie! Hope she and Bailey are having a great summer and so glad I found your site (wonderful work!).

Beth Ward
English 7

Shay said...

Oh I love Bobo! I just found your blog, love it! You make fantastic things!