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Monday, May 12, 2008

Night and Day

I knew as I had children, that each would be unique in their own way. These two girls are so very opposite of each other in so many different ways. They were however, in unison when it came to to eluding their Mom for a picture.
Jesslyn, on the left, will tell you to call her Jessie or JB (for JessBug). She is the athletic one and a no frills kinda gal. She is jeans with holes in the knees, t-shirts and a ponytail. She's organized, structured, an A student and VERY independent. She has always walked her own path quietly.
Bailey, or Beazle as only a few can call her, is my "Gad-About Gladys" She knows everyone and who is related to who. She is my "girlie girl" and loves all that glitters. Bailey has an amazing memory when it comes to phone numbers or directions. She has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and struggles among her peers with socializing and reading comprehension. She went through a very painful and long journey last year with scoliosis surgery. She is my hero and also the most forgiving child, I have ever known.
Both have given me the greatest joy and taught me unconditional love. It is with great pride that I take time and reflect upon them this Mother's Day. They are the most wonderful gift that I could have ever been given.



How wonderful of you to post of your children on Mother's Day....they of course are the ones that made you a "mother" - everyone posts about their MOMS but you thought of only the two blessings that gave you that title. How sweet of you and how beautiful your daughters are.

Christine said...

your girls are beautiful,Stacey.
you can read your love for them in your words,
we do love our babies, don't we?