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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's that Time Again...

To get all my ducks... well for me, crows in a row. Every six months, in the Spring and in the Fall, I do my Business Plan. A must for success in any business, and things put in place last Fall and even that of the Fall before have been taking shape this Spring. I am looking ahead, as well as behind, sorting what works, what doesn't for me. The economy is of course on everyones mind, as well as what the Elections will bring for next year. I am not one to jump in to anything and I look at everything from different angles. Last Spring, Netty and I wanted to come home a bit and bring our shows back near us. We did, and had a wonderful time. This year, we are continuing this path and having a look about. Revisiting some shows and scouting out new. We are scouting LARAC and ZONTA, that are very nearby and we are accepted in already; as well as shows close to us in Vermont and Mass. It's great fun to take a day and see them from the outside. We are unique where ever we go and we have a great time.

What I do in business, mirrors life also. Family plans are moving forward, economy in mind. Summer is ahead and what will we share with the kids? Sunny days in the pool, games at night on the patio table, meals made with home grown goodness from the garden. Picnics in the park enjoying local music, (Irish leading the top of the list) and "midnight Margaritas" made with jello to rouse young ladies from their slumber parties as we enjoy and have fun with our favorite movie, Practical Magic. Life and business,family and art, good economy or difficult; we lead our lives with changes to reflect the times, but we do it with great love and joy. That, my friends is the best success.

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