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Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st Already??

Where does the time go? It seems at times that in a blink of an eye, days become months. My days are very full balancing care taking, the girls and my passion, which happily, I can say is my work. Lemon Poppy Seeds went up late last night and by early morning, there was just one chick left. (you can visit Mrs. Bennet, along with the works of many talented artists, through my link on the right.) My email box starts filling and the phone rings... what will be offered? Sometimes "Upload Day" escapes me. I can have all but a few details left to do and get set for a photo shoot along with an early visit to set my page... then the day hits and takes on a life of it's own.

This is not just my life, but many of yours as well. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to simplify, life has other plans. Take the day and dance with it, I say!~ enjoy those that touch your lives and remember that everything happens for a reason. Kiss the skinned knees and wrap your arms around frail shoulders. Take time in running your errands to stop in and to say hello to someone that lives alone. Create random acts of kindness in the way that you can. Have a little more patience in traffic, or a with new cashier. Take a moment to look through someone elses eyes. A smile and some humor can change someone's day. Remember in it all, that something that you say or do can make a difference in someone's life. Keep positive, because it is the goode that you'd like to remembered for, not negative. Look inside yourself and see if you are the person that YOU want to be. Take time to find and nurture what is your heart and don't ever be afraid to share it. Encourage others. There are so many things that we can't change and there is caution with the economy now. We DO have the wisdom to change the things we can and really do it.

I'd like to take a moment to thank those who have taken time out of their day and busy lives to call me, email me, or stop by here in my little piece of the world. You make me smile and laugh and inspire me with your own lives. You really do make my joy a reality beyond what I ever could have dreamed.......... and I keep passing it on.

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