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Friday, September 21, 2007

Summer's Goodbye Song~

Summer has quietly gone and now Fall whispers in the air. The leaves are at about 25% color here. The mornings have been foggy and you can smell the wonderful smell of leaves. What I wouldn't give for a candle that would have such a wonderful scent! The picture was taken about 3 weeks ago. Bailey,Jess and Rosie wanted to join in the picture with the sunflowers at peak. Now they are gone, our way of giving thanks to our wonderful birds and animals that keep us company at the Cottage. I have much to share and catch up with in the coming days...to include a wonderful apple recipe. It's a bit different, and received from a dear woman that continues to work and farm alongside her husband and sons... and enjoys time with her grand babies. It will be sure to please....

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Miss Maddie's said...

Boy look how tall those sunflowers were. The squirrels would have to catapult off the shed roof to reach them. At my house they would have ate them from the ground up!
I look forward to hearing about your special lady she sounds so endearing.