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Monday, September 10, 2007

Hear Ye....Hear Ye!!!!

Meet mean ole Francine.......................
And Duncan, with his prize winning pumpkin..........
And my personal favorite, Eleanor Higgins.
It's time!!! I'm very pleased and excited to be a part of this magazine. As most of you know, I sell my patterns online, but a finished piece 0nline is very rare. Finished pieces are usually available through the couple shows I do a year or the few stores that I sell my work in. The pattern design and licensing keep me very busy along with my home and family life. I decided this summer that I wanted to do an online magazine and mentioned it on the hag's forum, a couple weeks later Donna ( of Cameo Moon) had a surprise for us...the rest is history. When Donna told us that she had a surprise, she meant it! What a fabulous idea. Halloween is my favorite time of year and for those of you that know me, you know my passion for 1700-1800's Graven Art. Such a goode opportunity from a wonderful friend. Special thanks go to Verlene Brooks for doing all of the work to get this magazine up for Donna~ she has made Donna's dream come true and given us an opportunity to further ours in creativity.~~~ On a special note, I shall return here on the 17th when I finish the show at Eagle Mills. It has been very busy with patterns and getting ready for the show~ Thank all of you so much for your patience with the pattern orders. While the days here are always full ones, I look forward to enjoying my favorite time of year......you can smell the leaves already here!


mockingbird hill said...

If I can pull you away from your Haunt for just a minute...head over to my place and see the award that has been bestowed on you!


CARole said...

Hi Stacey. I just found your website, your patterns are really wonderful. I don't sew, as you probably don't know. I am a photographer and Rufus Porter style mural artist, and I have a website too. Would you like to exchange links? email me at carolescountry.com, if you would like to and i will send you my link. yes, Fall is coming and I am feeling energized! Take care.

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

J'aime beaucoup, vos personnages ont des airs très sympathiques, merci de nous les montrer.