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Friday, September 7, 2007

Miss Maddie's Wee Family

Life circles continually and touches our lives. Jessie's wee little mouse, Ty (he had the same hairdo as Ty Pennington) passed quickly in July with no warning. Off we went to the pet store because Jess is is all about her animals. I decided that 2 mice would be ok...as long as they were the same sex. Silly me~ Maddie had babies a month later. They are 3 weeks old today, eyes opened and running all over. The top mouse is Elvis with his white belt. The middle mouse is Cody and the tiny little brown mouse on the bottom is Hershey. I think Hershey will be staying with us along with Miss Maddie. Some of the others do have homes now. Finding homes for 7 mice is a challange! It was great to see wee new little lives and welcome them , but as new lives begin...others pass. I received word on Tuesday that my longtime friend Mark, had lost his battle with cancer. He was my age. He was from the Seattle area but his heart was was in Upstate NY and it was his dream to move back here. We had many talks over the years of life, death and spirituality. He is home now and without pain. I have taken time to reflect and honor the special friend and gift that was him. He's near always..I just know it.


Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Stacey, I just love your little family! I couldn't imagine a more lovely name either.(tell me your daughter saw my name and fell in love with it)
I also would like to send my sympathies for the loss of your friend.I bet Mark is up there in heaven with a little mouse named Ty wiggling about in his shirt pocket.He will always be near, you carry him in your heart. Sincerely, Susan

Stacey said...

Susan~ thank you so much for your dear words! Jesslyn would love to know that her beloved Maddie shares all that is you. I'm having a difficult time holding her down for more than a couple minutes. Busy is her life right now with animals and school. I know when she settles that she would enjoy your blog and your stories as much as I. I bet she reads them with Mis Maddie and Hershey in hand..That is her spirit. You made my heart smile picturing Mark with Ty~ it would be so much his spirit. How did you know?

mockingbird hill said...

Having just been through the loss of a friend, I can understand what your heart is feeling. Dear Stacey, keep this in mind, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." My thoughts go out to you...