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Friday, January 4, 2019


A peek in my basket that hangs on my wall...
It shows a project for Early Work Mercantile this month
and a bit of a hint.

As the New Year rings in,
instead of making a resolution,
I will pick a word 
to guide me through the year.
This year,
I picked "comfort".

My trip to the Adirondacks this Fall
was a wonderful get away with dear friends...
and inspires my work.

At home, 
we will continue
to surround ourselves with that 
which brings comfort.
Hygge (hue-guh)

From simpler meals that continue
our goals of 
cleaner and healthier
( I have lost 30 pounds so far,
just being more mindful)

The view of Main Street, from our hotel room in Lake Placid.
Love the view of Mirror Lake. This village holds so many memories for me. My year of art school was an amazing dream come true.

to enjoying 
gatherings with friends and family.

Somehow, birds are my thing.
In college, I had to pick out a filler course for graduation. I didn't have much to choose from in that time spot and Avian Biology fit. It wasn't anything that I was drawn to. Who would have thought, it would be so important in my work all these years after. 

Even in my work...
I am harkening back
to what brings me comfort and joy~

As an Artist,
I know that while comfort
can be nice to settle into...
I need to push that comfort level to grow.
will certainly be taken out
of its zone!

Oh those Sleepy mice! It is fun to see that they still inspire other artists! They are so fun felted

A new year
and a new trip 
around the sun 
is exciting.
I know it will fill itself as years do;
 a balance of good and bad,
happy and sad.
I will be settling into a coziness,
surrounded by what is important
and making it all

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