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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Here Comes the Snow

We received word.
that our two grandies 
would not be here today,
everyone is anticipating
The Big Snow!

I have sculpts
in various stages of 
I am also exploring 
different ways 
for armaturing
and assembly.
This will allow me to grow
my vision
of bringing some of my drawn characters 
to life! 
I once read 
of a person that was 
a beginner sculpter
cheerfully saying
that the sculpts were
all clay
through the process,
the person discovered 
that the delicate
was not very sound
and a reluctant change
 in neck thickness
had to be made.
What was not understood,
 was that her piece would remain
delicate and breakable.
We have such a wonderful resource
with the internet.
More and more,
I learn from
those that will share the basics.
I am building a library
of books as well.

I grew up
sculpting with
ceramic clays.
Armatures are important!
As I changed to
(which I adore)
I have learned 
about different kinds of armatures.

My Bewitching Peddlers 
opened my eyes to possibility.
Upon my return,
I have researched
different ways, 
to make my visions
come to life!
Trying a new technique!
I love the possibility it gives.
Clayworks like this,
need a skeletal system
and one that will
form a good solid piece.
There are several ways to achieve this
and each person
has to figure out
what works best for them.

Now, this has to be said...
when you see
how a tool is used
be it a light box for graphics, 
to a armature
that will carry 
a sculpt~
to use the TOOL
as just a TOOL
and do not copy
the finished piece or style,
but rather
trust in your gift.
Trust in yourself...

 I believe in 
Sharing how to begin...
and basics.
The rest becomes
your journey.

I will be showing parts of my journey, 
going forward.
In hopes
that it
will give someone
the wings that they need
to reach
their vision.

On this snowy day...
I will be working on my
friends to bring them to life...
and enjoying
the day~

Snowflakes out the window...
my Gram's recipe for sauce simmering...
a candle from 1890 Gable House Goodes burning...
(The above blackened beeswax is new from 
Misi's store  and might I say~
it smells just amazing~
enjoy her link!)

Whatever your day is... 
grab onto it and make it yours!

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susan hemann said...

terrific post, thank you! I have several creatures in mind but have been stuck by armatures. will research youtube, have a wonderful Sunday