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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Goode February

it seems,
can go on forever.
We have had bitter cold,
snow and rain.

Although February,
 can be rather cold itself.
It carries with it,
 that Spring
will find it's way soon.

As you can see..
Sping has been first and foremost
in my work.

I love Netty LaCroix's patterns
and I love using them.
Sometimes I stay true to 
the techniques
and sometimes 
they reflect my vision.
(an egg or a sleepy mouse?
...ponder, ponder.)
I have added my own
 tiny, humble stitches.
It gives a homey
olde finished look
and often inspires
the Early and Primitive 
look that I love.
I often envision a young ladye
practicing stitches
by the fire.

Last night,
had it's first offerings for 2018.
If you haven't visited before,
hop on the link and enjoy
some one of a kind
Halloween Art.
(My wee friend has been spoken for, but there are still lovilies to be had)
It is a great way 
to start a collection
and see 

thoughts of love
and the yearning for
the newness
of Spring.

I have
been tweeking
things a bit...
knowing that 
life always changes.
I have been
how to make those changes.
the balance 
of home,
work that I love.

Embracing more
each year.
(Pinterest has some lovely inspires)
embracing it
even in my work.
As the new Raven Witch
walks where
the Natty Rats
have been.
My work will
my heart
and roots,
and still challenge
my vision of growth.
~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

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