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Friday, February 9, 2018

A Peek Behind The Curtain

I loved meeting and getting to know Joyce and Kaf

I've done many shows...
big and small.
This one takes the cake~
it is like no other.
(I was told it would be)

It took me a good two weeks
upon my return,
to fully
digest it.
( they tried to prepare me!)

The artwork of
my gifted friends
is so amazingly unique to them
and at such a high level, 
pictures cannot
take the place of 
seeing and embracing 
the senses!

This is such a brilliant
gathering of
they form a unique family.
Words just can't express that,
and I am at a loss....
a peek behind the curtain
may help.

before you play this,
scroll all the way down
to the bottom of the page
stop the regular music 


I came home
beyond honored...
with a mission
embrace visions
of my characters 
telling their stories~
by learning 
different techniques 
in my sculpting
and bringing them to life.

I am so honored
to be a part of 
Bewitching Peddlers
in 2018~

I am thankful 
the opportunity

and for my family and friends
that support

A special thanks to
my beloved husband
Team Sutter
in advance...
you allow my work to shine

1 comment:

Kathie said...

OMG! That looks so amazing and so much fun! Wish I could go......such talent!!!