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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Magic of Circles

The day is damp at the cottage 
and there is a chill in the air.
Outside the rain has stopped for now
and it is slowly warming up...
allowing the thin layer of ice 
to melt away.

Inside, it is dark.
A light or two
and a couple candles
make a warm glow.

As I sip my tea, 
my memories float about.
Days like this, 
spent with both parents
are treasures now.

I would make us tea.
A spoon of sugar for my Mom,
a dash of cream for my Father.
I would have both
and he would chide me...
"That is the Welsh in you"
I smile now,
as my last name 
is Walsh.
My husband, 
a proud Irish Man
with the last name

the circles
that come round
in life.

I am 
enjoying clay works
more and more.
I worked in clay
quite a bit growing up.
Minature mice were
a favorite subject.
I have one piece that I saved...
I wonder if the others 
are still treasured
 among friends and family.

My wee friend 
Pip Squeak
is also 
a circle 
come round.
A blend of then and now
and I am ecstatic
for adding textiles
to my now.

I have always loved cloth.
Colors, pattern, 
and textures call
my heart.
The world of Dollmaking 
opened my eyes
and I know I am exactly
 where I belong.

Both of my pieces 
the memories
of past works
connect to the present
technical abilities,
 that I am still 
learning and exploring.

Life certainly circles
wonderful ways.
It is when you sit back
and really see
what has come around,
you realize
that magic
has happened.

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