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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

....aaand We Are Home.

It's been a whirlwind,
but we are home and settling in.
I have much to share!
I will be posting more about everything in the days ahead...
but first
I need to let all of you know 
the information 
on my annual Fall Picturetrail show.
There are fewer offerings,
but they are better.
I repatterned, weighted
made them a bit bigger.

The Dollhouse display
had some changes...
and filled up rather nicely.

You may have noticed that I had a thing about owls.....

My smaller poppets
are on cone bases so that they
may sit upon a 
Hallows tree.

I am also honored to be published
 in the last
Art Doll Quarterly magazine
as well.

After the online show, 
I will be making 
more posts here.
Sharing news and offerings...
I think it's just a nicer place 
to show who I am and share.
I already have some exciting news happening for next year...
but that is for another day!

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