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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Morning

Snowladye in the morning light.
This morning is dark and dreary.
The milky skies 
give little brightness,
but candeglow casts its warm light 
and a mug of hot tea
chases the chill away.

I am fast at work,
racing the light today
as it is upload day for Early Work Mercantile.
I took a moment to peek
out the kitchen window,
while I waited 
for  some clear coat to dry.

Not that long ago...
a week or so~
there were roses on my rosebush,
and morning glories 
were still in abundance;
such a pretty blue.
This morning however~
there are brown and orange leaves,
scattered on the still green lawn.
 The frost
has turned colorful 
blooms to a dark brown.

 on the stockade fencing,
 to the sparrows and starlings
swirling about...
is a gray squirrel.
I have to chuckle as he is happily 
munching on his breakfast.
A good sized piece of pizza.
Booty from the garbage next door.
A squirrel's breakfast in the burbs.

I am reminded
that our world is what we make it.
I love surrounding myself
with dollhouses
and dollys in the making.
Candle glow on these
dreary November days...
Needle and thread.
The busy hands of a maker.

Early Works offerings 
tonight at 9 pm.


Diane Knott said...

Love your music, Stacey!

Marilee said...

Wonderful, words and music, alike.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Stacy, I love to see your posts in my in-box. So uplifting to hear your beautiful music, read your beautiful words and lust after your sweet and beautiful creations!..Happy Thursday..Judy